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Categories of High Risk Merchant Accounts

High-volume, high risk merchant accounts are our specialty. Here is a partial list high risk merchant accounts categories that use our services to establish and diversify payment processing.

High-Volume High Risk Merchant Accounts
Fast growing businesses require high-volume payment processing to power growth. High-volume high risk merchant accounts give you unlimited payment processing and the ability to grow your business quickly and easily.

Digital Content, Downloads and Virtual Goods High Risk Merchant Accounts
Businesses offering digital content, streaming media, and virtual goods are among the fastest growing segments of ecommerce. Social networks, online games, MMOG, music, video, new media, software, and interactive entertainment take advantage of superior payment processing technology included with all high risk merchant accounts.

Travel High Risk Merchant Accounts
Over 50% of all travel reservations are now made online. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the travel and hospitality industry will produce revenues of US$15 trillion by 2017. Transportation, hotel reservations; timeshare, membership clubs, vacation certificates; newsletters; travel agencies; tour operators and packages can all establish high risk merchant accounts.

Adult Entertainment High Risk Merchant Accounts
Adult entertainment companies have been among the leaders in establishing secure internet payment processing. Adult merchant accounts are available for businesses selling content, subscriptions, memberships, download or products. Superior anti-fraud protection included in all high risk merchant accounts is particularly valuable to adult entertainment businesses.

Infomercials and Direct Response High Risk Merchant Accounts
Infomercials and direct response companies realize that a successful product can quickly generate millions of dollars in revenues. Unlimited payment processing available on high risk merchant accounts give these companies processing prowess to accommodate any amount of sales.

Hosting, ISP, SEO and Internet Services High Risk Merchant Accounts
Web hosts, domain registration, email, cloud computing and other internet based businesses have customers that are billed on a recurring basis. Specialized recurring billing technology gives these merchants the ability to increase revenues from recurring payments 6% during each recurring billing cycle while reducing costs by 10%. Accept recurring payments based on time intervals such as monthly, weekly, daily. Or offer pay-per-minute; pay-per-usage or pay-per-frequency.

Online Dating High Risk Merchant Accounts
Online dating sites establish high risk merchant accounts to obtain the benefits of unlimited payment processing, specialized recurring billing technology, and multiple payment options. High risk merchant accounts provide an excellent way to accommodate both domestic and international members.

Herbal Supplements, Vitamins High Risk Merchant Accounts
Vitamins and herbal supplements are popular products to sell online. Male enhancement, weight-loss, hair-growth and life style improvement products require high volume payment processing to meet the demands of customers who want to buy.

Multilevel Marketing MLM High Risk Merchant Accounts
Multilevel marketing and direct sales companies distributors located throughout the world. Expand your payment processing with domestic and offshore high risk merchant accounts. Accept payments in local currency from buyers throughout the world. Accept cards, local bank transfers and a variety of other payment processing methods and watch your sales soar.

Online Games, Social Networks, Virtual Worlds High Risk Merchant Accounts
Online games and MMOG acquire high risk merchant accounts to accept payments from members located throughout the world. Special high merchant accounts are available designed to meet the needs of online games and MMOG players, including sales of virtual assets, subscriptions, pay-per-play or time intervals and other innovative payment processing options.

VOIP and Telecom High Risk Merchant Accounts
VOIP and specialized telecom services are growing at unprecedented rates globally. Companies in this industry often offer recurring payments which drive processing volumes higher month-on-month. Calling plans, cell phones, prepaid services, phone cards, wireless, GPS tracking, data communication services of all types benefit from high-volume, high risk merchant accounts.

High Ticket Product High Risk Merchant Accounts
Businesses selling electronics, jewellery, furniture and other high ticket items are classified as high risk merchant accounts because of potential risk of chargebacks. Protect your business with high risk merchant accounts with exclusive features to designed to help you securely sell your products and protect your business against fraud and chargebacks.

Collectibles High Risk Merchant Accounts
Coin dealers, art galleries, antique shops, and business selling unique products are considered high risk merchant accounts. These types of companies have rare or unusual products which are often high ticket items. High risk merchant accounts with unlimited processing volumes are the perfect solution to maximize sales while minimizing risk.

Charities and Non Profits High Risk Merchant Accounts
Charities and non-profits need unlimited processing volumes to take advantage of increased giving during particular seasons or after catastrophic events, making a high risk merchant account the right solution. Many charities and non-profits have world-wide operations. Give your donors an easy way to contribute to your good cause by accepting cards and other payment methods.

Subscriptions, Memberships and Recurring Billing High Risk Merchant Accounts
Subscription and recurring billing models grow very quickly month-on-month and merchants need processing volume to accommodate the growth. Specialized services to manage subscription, membership and recurring billing add value to your payment processing account.

Tickets High Risk Merchant Accounts
Tickets sales are considered high risk merchant accounts because the ticket is for a future event. Consumers may decide not to attend an event or not be able to attend creating a high risk of chargebacks. High risk merchant accounts enable ticket agents and brokers to establish or diversity payment processing with banks world-wide.

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