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High Risk Merchant Account Services

Take advantage of the expert service offered by High Risk Merchant Accounts to securely and confidentially establish your payment processing services. Top tier domestic and international banks guarantee you safe reliable high risk processing with favorable rates.

High Risk Merchant Accounts: For businesses classified in high risk processing categories such as including hotel booking and travel services, debt recovery services, and herbal supplement companies a high risk merchant account is the perfect solution. Free application, quick approval, low rates, and superior technology give you high risk processing to power your business growth.

Merchant Accounts Offshore: Businesses discover that offshore merchant accounts increase sales, reduce expenses, and expand market reach. Offshore merchant accounts are safe, secure and easy to setup. Both domestic and international companies can establish offshore merchant accounts.

Adult Merchant Accounts: Companies in the adult entertainment industry like dating and companion services, have specialized high risk processing needs. Adult merchant accounts give you long-term payment processing satisfaction while maximizing profits and minimizing risk.

High Risk ACH: Excellent alternative payment option to capture sales from customers who do not have or prefer not to use credit cards. High risk ACH debits payments from customers’ bank accounts and deposits the funds to your bank account. Merchants experience a sales lift of 8-20% by adding high risk ACH as a payment method.

High Risk Processing Bank Transfers: In many parts of the world, customers prefer to pay by bank transfers rather than with credit cards. For example, in Europe, local bank transfers are more popular than credit cards. High risk processing with local bank transfers is an easy way to increase sales from an international customer base. Low rates and guaranteed settlement of funds make this payment option a natural add-on for high risk merchants.

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