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Travel Agent Merchant Account

Businesses in the travel industry tend to be considered a High Risk Merchant, mainly due to the added risk factor of potential chargebacks, refunds, high volume sales and the fact that the business is based on a future receivables model. Merchants involved in this business find it hard to get accepted for a travel merchant account by banks and credit card processors.

However we understand the risks involved and we love the Travel Industry. We all know that there are schisters and thieves running travel agencies, which can make it hard for the ligament travel agencies to keep their merchant accounts. Our processing provider works with many travel agencies and we understand the business. Don't get involved with a processing company that's going to "aggregate" your account with other merchants. This typically happens when going through an Off Shore High Risk Merchant processor. Once Visa/MasterCard find out, you will not only lose your payments solution, you could be placed on the "TMF" list. (Terminated Merchant File)

Whether you are a tour operator or you sell travel packages, we can help you set up a Domestic High Risk Merchant Account with your OWN "scriptor" (Name that shows on the credit card statement) at a competitive rate. You never know when a processing company or a bank will change their minds and leave the Merchant without the ability to accept credit cards.

You own it to yourself to talk to someone who knows how to set up a Travel Agency High Risk Merchant Account. What ever your needs are, we are here to help.

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