high risk merchant accounts

High Risk ACH Boosts Revenues

High risk ACH processing is an easy way to capture additional sales from buyers that do not have credit cards or simply prefer to pay by echecks. High risk ACH automatically debit funds from the buyer’s bank account and credits the funds to the seller’s account.

High Risk ACH Free Exclusive Security Protection

Protect your high risk ACH account against fraudulent high risk ACH transactions with a special feature that captures your customer’s signature. Customers “sign” an online authorization by using their computer mouse to control a software based “pen. This valuable protection is included free with every high risk ACH account.

Online signatures lower return rates and protect your high risk ACH account against “friendly fraud”. Online signatures also increase revenue by decreasing the number of rejected transactions.

As a customer receipt of purchase, an image of a check is displayed, along with the customer’s “signature”. Customers can print the receipt or save it on their computer.

Advantages of High Risk ACH

High risk ACH gives you a competitive edge, expands market share, reduces shopping cart abandonment and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Increase Sales:- Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment option for ecommerce merchants. More than 20% of online businesses already offer echecks as a payment method.
  • Competitive Necessity:- If you don’t offer echecks with high risk ACH you lose sales to your competitors who do.
  • Rescue Sales:- If a card is rejected, offer high risk ACH echecks as another payment option. A great alternative which lets you rescue sales that otherwise would be lost.
  • Decrease Payment Processing Expenses:- When buyers buy with high risk ACH echecks, you save money because processing fees are much lower than those charged for credit cards.
  • Get More Buyers:- Over 75 million Americans do not have credit cards. Yet 90% of Americans have a checking or savings accounts which can be processed via high risk ACH.
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