high risk merchant accounts

High Risk Merchant Account

Grow your business and increase your profits with high risk merchant account payment processing. Specialized high risk merchant account technology gives you the processing power you need to maximize sales, minimize risk, and protect your business operations.

  • Easy application. Applying for a high risk merchant account is easy and free.
  • Quick approval. Your high risk account is approved within 3-5 days.
  • Low rates. Favorable rates on high risk merchant account processing means you save money and reduce operating expenses.
  • Processing power. A high risk merchant account is a superb solution for high-volume payment processing.
  • Choice of banks. Get a domestic or offshore high risk merchant account. Or get more than one high risk merchant account for optimal payment processing flexibility.
  • Fraud-protection. Powerful fraud-fighting weapons included with every high risk merchant account keeps your business safe.
  • Recurring billing. Perfect for any high risk merchant with a subscription and recurring payment billing model.
  • Multi-currency processing. Easy way to increase high risk merchant account sales from global buyers.
  • Unique descriptors. Reduce chargebacks and enhance customer satisfaction with high risk merchant account processing.
  • API interface. Simple integration for your high risk merchant account speeds time to market.
  • PCI certified. Protect your business with Level 1 high risk merchant account security.
  • Superior customer service. Get answers about your high risk merchant account 365/24/7.
  • Customized reporting. Manage high risk merchant account transactions quickly or view detailed analytical data.

What is a High Risk Merchant Account?

A high risk merchant account is simply a label used to describe payment processing which falls outside of “standard” industry classification criteria. A high risk merchant account classification does not necessarily mean that you will have difficulty establishing payment processing nor that your rates will be higher than average. In fact, a high risk merchant can obtain superb payment processing accounts with excellent rates.

Banks classify companies as high risk merchants for a variety of reasons. Some industries have statistically greater likelihood of chargebacks or fraudulent transactions and companies in these industries are automatically classified as high risk merchants. Other reasons for a high risk merchant account classification include, but are not limited to, rapid growth of payment processing, subscription or recurring billing models, sales of expensive products or services, and electronic delivery of goods or services.

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