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High Risk Merchant Processing Recurring Billing

High risk merchant processing includes subscription billing or recurring payments for products or services. Recurring billing with a high risk merchant processing account stabilizes cash flow, increases customer retention, and provides an inexpensive way for buyers to pay over time rather than as a one-time payment.

However, one of the problems with a high risk merchant processing recurring billing model is cards which are declined. Declined cards account for 10% or more of lost income in a high risk merchant processing recurring billing account.

Smart Recurring Billing for High Risk Merchant Processing

Specialized technology for high risk merchant processing recurring billing increases cash flow and protects income. This technology transforms 50-70% of declined transactions for US cards into authorized payments. As a result, high risk merchant processing accounts receive more money with no additional work.

High risk payment processing recurring billing works as follows. When a payment is declined due cards being re-issued, upgraded, or having expired expiration dates, updated card information is automatically retrieved from the issuing banks. The new card information is submitted to the high risk merchant processing account and the transaction is approved.

High risk merchant processing automatic card updating can be combined with transaction recycling. With this high risk merchant processing feature, if a US credit card is declined because it is over limit, the transaction will continued to be worked, based on the internal rules, for up to 15 days to receive an approval. This procedure happens without merchant or consumer intervention.

High Risk Merchant Processing Recurring Billing Benefits

  • Stop revenue leakage and increase income
  • Transform declined card transactions into authorized payments
  • Stabilize cash flow
  • Reduce customer attrition
  • Increase productivity by eliminating manual intervention
  • Boost customer satisfaction levels
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