high risk merchant accounts

High Risk Payment Gateway

A high risk payment gateway is a secure connection through which transactions are transmitted to and from the banking networks. Now, it is easy to take advantage of specialized high risk payment gateway technology to administer, manage and retain processing accounts.

High Risk Payment Gateway for Multiple Accounts

Our high risk payment gateway offers unique benefits for merchants with multiple accounts.

  • Dynamic Load Balancing: Automatically configure and balance processing among multiple acquiring banks. Manage an unlimited number of accounts through a single high risk payment gateway control panel. Intelligent transaction routing is based on velocity settings and flexible rule sets which are easily controlled by merchants.
  • Accommodate Domestic and Offshore Merchant Accounts: The high risk payment gateway is compatible with both domestic and offshore merchant accounts. And, if you have multiple domestic and offshore merchant accounts, all accounts can be managed and controlled via a single high risk payment gateway.
  • Simplify Account Reconciliation: Managing multiple merchant accounts through a single high risk payment gateway platform makes account management and reconciliation a breeze. The high risk merchant gateway lets you view and manage all processing globally or on a per account basis. Consolidation of accounting functions is simplified.
  • Streamline Customer Service: A single high risk payment gateway for multiple accounts makes it easy for customer service representatives to answer questions without searching through multiple systems. Multiple levels of authentication allow access only to information necessary to perform job functions.
  • Increase Productivity: A single high risk payment gateway eliminates duplicate efforts that would be required if each account had to be managed separately.

High Risk Payment Gateway Benefits

  • PCI Compliant: The high risk payment gateway is PCI Level 1 certified to keep your business safe.
  • Processing Vault: Encryption and tokenization included with the high risk payment gateway ensures data security.
  • Virtual Terminal: A virtual terminal is included with the high risk payment gateway. Accept payments online, by phone, fax or mail. The high risk payment gateway can also be used for point of sale transactions.
  • Fraud Fighting Weapons: A vast array of fraud fighting tools included in the high risk payment gateway help you maximize your sales while reducing fraud and chargebacks.
  • Customized Reporting: Superior reporting, which can be customized to your exact requirements, is part of the high risk merchant gateway.
  • Recurring Billing: A high risk merchant gateway feature which is perfect for merchants with subscriptions or recurring billing models.
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